Chris Baxter

"There is no surer way to create jobs and wealth in society than by technological advancement anchored on a strong intellectual property foundation."





Long story short

From his first part-time business partnership at the age of 22, Chris’ driving passion has been and remains helping technology companies establish a firm intellectual property foundation and backing entrepreneurs with the connections they need to take innovative products to market.

In 2007, after working for 2 large patent attorney firms and as an in-house patent attorney at ResMed, Inc. Chris founded Baxter IP. What makes Baxter IP truly unique amongst Australian firms is the multiple layers of training the attorneys receive. The Baxter IP professional development programme crosses the various areas of IP expertise to business strategy and startup advice.

Chris is a Fellow of The Institute of Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA) and a registered Australian and New Zealand patent attorney. Chris has a Masters Degree in Industrial Property from the University of Technology, Sydney during which he received the award for 1st place in Trade Mark Law and received 1st Class Honours and the Thesis Prize in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Sydney. In 2019, Chris was awarded “Leading Specialist Patent and Trademark Attorney of the Year for Australia for 2019” by the Acquisition International Leading Advisers Awards.

Chris and Baxter IP enjoy a close working relationship with the UNSW Division of Enterprise. In 2019, Chris became a benefactor of the UNSW Founder’s Program making a significant donation to the Founder’s Fund to support the new Entrepreneur’s PhD Pathway Program. Baxter IP has been providing in-depth, pro-bono IP advice to their 10X and Health 10X cohorts since 2018.

Giving Back

When not working

Chris enjoys getting out of town to explore the outdoors with his wife Qiqi and children, Lily, John and Landon. Having accepted the Christian gospel in 2021, Chris attends his local church, St Paul’s Chatswood. Chris is an enthusiastic apiarist and has a keen but amateur interest in history, philosophy and gardening.

64 years ago, John Percy Hamilton Baxter, Chris’ great-grandfather showed how business enterprise can be used to help people in need. After a highly successful business career, he and his wife, Hilda, founded two of Australia’s larger family charitable trusts to help the poor and disadvantaged (The Percy Baxter Charitable Trust). Chris is an adviser to these trusts.